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12th Eletrolar Show & Latin American Electronics Large showcase


The differentials of Eletrolar Show make it an excellent channel for the fixation of brands and a great showcase for launching the products for the second half of the year.

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Efficient and productive, Eletrolar Show & Latin American Electronics is established as the main meeting point between industry and retail of all sizes. The trade show, which next year reaches its twelfth edition, has made possible the formation of solid commercial partnerships and the expansion of markets for companies. In 2017, in the period from July 17 to 20, in the city of São Paulo, at the Transamerica Expo Center, it will once again be the center of attention of those connected to the segments of consumer electronics, home appliances, mobile phones, furniture, housewares and IT. The expectation is that the show receives 29 thousand qualified visitors. “The trade show is the central point to present our news, we bet strongly on it and, next year, GA.MA Italy will announce more than 50 launches”, emphasizes Felipe Leonard, CEO of the company, who participated in all editions of Eletrolar Show and did good business. “In 2016, in particular, the show was very good. We received more buyers, who had more time to see the products, which generated a lot of business, “adds Felipe. For the CEO of GA.MA Italy, the show is the perfect time to take a break, receive buyers and retail managers, strengthen the relationship and, through conversations and exchange of ideas, better understand consumer expectations. “The Eletrolar Show allows us to better establish strategies for the coming year, and we are preparing for a very good 2017 were Brazil may grow 1 to 2%. Our product category is expected to perform well, reaching double digits, and GA.MA Italy, in particular, will gain market share and is expected to grow 20 to 30 percent, “says Felipe. Differential The sponsorship of buyers from Brazil and South America, offered by Grupo Eletrolar, the organizer of the event, is one of the great attractions of the fair, as it enables exhibitors to have direct contact with purchasing professionals from all regions of Brazil. This year, once again, 800 buyers of large Brazilian networks that do not have headquarters in São Paulo and 200 of South America will be sponsored, expanding business opportunities. “At Eletrolar Show & Latin American Electronics we have access to the distribution sector, and retail buyers. In addition, it is a great opportunity to introduce our customers to all our products at the same time in one place. At the show, I have good time and I do business with them, “says Jeter Silva, marketing manager at Ventisol, a company that will participate in the trade show for the eighth time. “In these years of participation we found many business opportunities, including in Latin America and the United States,” he says. During four days of event, buyers from all over Brazil meet, evaluate and choose products according the needs and profile of their stores and considering the opportunities given by the exhibitors during the show. In 2017, Eletrolar Show & Latin American Electronics will be held from July 17th thru 20th at Transamerica Expo Center, in the city of São Paulo – Brazil. For more information go to[/vc_column_text][vc_separator][vc_column_text]Eletrolar Show 2017 Date: From July 17th to 20th 2017, 1pm to 9pm Phone: +55 (11) 3035-1030[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Date: July 29th to August 1st, 2019
Venue: Transamerica Expo Center – Av. Dr. Mário Villas Boas Rodrigues, 387
Organizer: Grupo Eletrolar
Phone: +55 (11) 3035-1030
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