Zapplight exposes the world’s first LED lamp, which eliminates mosquitoes

The company Zapplight, manufacturer of the world’s first LED light bug zapping bug, a mosquito eliminator, exposes its product at the 12th Eletrolar Show. Veja Mais

Twelfth Eletrolar Show bets on solutions for solar energy

Because of the reduction of high store maintenance costs and to expand business opportunities, by diversifying the mix of its stores, retailers around the world are increasingly interested in the sources of solar energy. Veja Mais

Fastway-Shop + exposes HD 1000 Digital Receiver, with multimedia system, at the Twelfth Eletrolar Show

Exhibitor of the Eletrolar Show for the third time, the company highlights, in this edition, the Digital Receiver HD 1000, with multimedia system, HDMI, and also the antenna line. Veja Mais

Elsys presents solutions for TV, internet and telephony at the 12th Eletrolar Show

The analogue blackout, which has increased sales of the brown line, has been generating good opportunities for retailers, so each edition of Eletrolar Show, the category of solutions for TV, is gaining more prominence. Veja Mais

Elgin launches air conditioning lines, with ecological gas, at the 12th Eletrolar Show

The Eco Logic and Eco Power air conditioning lines, with a capacity of 9,000 to 30,000Btu / h, cold and hot/cold versions, ecological gas R-410A and Procel Seal, will be launched by Elgin at the 12th Eletrolar Show. Veja Mais

CNC exposes tablet TVs and computers at the Eletrolar Show

The company presents electronics such as televisions, tablets and computers at the 12th Eletrolar Show. Veja Mais

Chic presents balance scooter, smart, at Eletrolar Show

The balance scooter, smart, a kind of electric skateboard, will be at Chic’s booth at the 12th Eletrolar Show. Veja Mais

Anker exposes robot vacuum cleaner at 12th Eletrolar Show

At the largest major ad small domestic appliances and consumer electronics trade show, Anker is highlighting appliances, among them the Eufy RoboVac 11 intelligent vacuum cleaner. Veja Mais