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The scenery is challenging but there is still hope


Times are tough for everyone, Brazil lost the leadership in Latin America, but there are already signs of some recovery. The country is one of the fastest accept the virtual interaction, and this is important for all categories of products that have the technology its big draw, shows the GfK exclusive study for Eletrolar News magazine, which takes stock of the first four months of this year.

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Just as every human being, each product has a story that begins in its creation, through its development and closes with the arrival on the market. Although all studies and plans not always happen as expected, which occurs because of numerous factors, most of them related to the time and consumer behavior. An example is the path taken by the tablet. “This is a product that committed suicide, it was a novelty, but what was presented in Brazil did not give the consumer the opportunity to have a good experience,” says Oliver Römerscheidt, director of technology area of GfK Consulting and Research Company. There are products that accompany the consumer over the years providing a good user experience is the dream of every manufacturer, which, in turn, also suffers from the change of taste and even his own tiredness and natural aging item. Nowadays, when the Brazilian wants to keep his achievements, but at the same time live with the fear of unemployment, the buying decision is more rational and is realized only after much searching in physical stores, websites and specialized applications. The advent of the smartphone gave him a powerful force to compare products, prices and services. The market, which at certain times shown unstable, to the factors mentioned, you know that the Brazilian consumer today wants technology first, shows the unique study of GfK for Eletrolar News magazine about the behavior of consumer electronics in the first four months of 2016. “The Brazilian is virtual! Fan of new technologies and enjoy good products. Our TVs are better, our refrigerators are larger than those of other countries in Latin America, and our homes are more connected, even for security reasons. The connectivity, incidentally, will be very important for Brazil, “says the director of GfK. His affirmation is confirmed by another study in 22 countries made by GfK, which evaluated the personal interaction in relation to the virtual. To the question “do you agree or disagree with the statement that virtual interactions are as good as personal?” the answer surprised, says the director. “We expected the Brazilian would stick to the face to face interactions, but it was not the case. Among the 22 countries, Brazil is the most widely accepted that the virtual interaction. The country has good online financial account management system and even street vendors who accept credit card. It is the most connected in Latin America. It has 4.6 times more contact points of connected products, up from China and countries of Western Europe. This gives us hope that the smartphone market return to grow again. We need it. “[/vc_column_text][vc_separator][vc_column_text]Eletrolar Show 2017 The largest trade show in Latin America for the industry and retail of home appliances, consumer electronics, mobile phones, and IT. 29 thousand qualified visitors, as well as 700 brands and 10 thousand products. Date: July 17-20, 2017, from 1:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Transamerica Expo Center – Av. Dr. Mário Villas Boas Rodrigues, 387 – São Paulo – Brazil Directed by: Grupo Eletrolar Phone: +55 (11) 3035-1030 Email:[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Date: July 29th to August 1st, 2019
Venue: Transamerica Expo Center – Av. Dr. Mário Villas Boas Rodrigues, 387
Organizer: Grupo Eletrolar
Phone: +55 (11) 3035-1030
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