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Multimedia and leader in its area of operations, the Grupo Eletrolar focuses its operations in the integration of communication channels between the industry and the retail of small & major domestic appliances, consumer electronics, mobile phones and IT sectors.

We are a group specialized in multimedia B2B, which concentrates its operations in the integration of multiple communication channels and business between the industry and the retail of consumer electronics, major and small domestic appliances, mobile phones and IT.

Azul Play, established in 2005, is the organizer of Eletrolar Show, Latin American Electronics International Trade Show and the Smartphone Congress & Expo, the largest trade show in Latin America for consumer durable goods. Strictly focused on business, known as the meeting point of the industry and retailers of all sizes of the sector.

Editora C&C, present in Brazil since 1999, edits the Eletrolar News Magazine, B2B publication of the consumer electronics and major & small domestic appliances sectors market, with 15,000 copies per issue, 8 editions annually, audited by IVC. Also publishes the Buyers’ Guide, the only directory for retailers focused on durable goods and IT.

The Group has the Weekly Newsletter, followed by 80,000 executives and the Portal, monthly accessed by more than 30,000 professionals of the sector.

The company concentrates its activities in the following channels:

Publication of the sector with 8 editions year – 20.000 copies per issue.

Event that connects the industry to the retail of appliances, consumer electronics, household & housewares, small appliances, mobile phones and IT.

The most complete portal of information for the industry and retail of segment.

The digital weekly bulletin of news and relevant information of sector.

The shopping guide distributed exclusively for buyers the sector throughout Brazil.

The most complete Latin American event to discuss the smartphone market, its opportunities and impacts of these devices in society and in business.

The international trade show, which brings together more than 300 foreign manufacturers and large retailers from South America.

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