Releases - 05/29/2017

The key to recovery

National Association of Appliance Manufacturers – ELETROS BRAZIL Words of the President Lorival Kiçula

The Brazil of course is still a country of opportunities. We have a population of 203 million people, and approximately R$ 3.5 trillion in annual household spending, huge numbers compared to any nation in the world. Even in the face of an uncertain scenario, it is possible to see a positive outlook in the medium and long term. So what are the basic conditions for the resumption of the national economy?

The response involves a number of factors. The first is to foster confidence. First of all, consumer confidence, which needs to regain security in order to acquire new products. Then the confidence of the entrepreneur which is needed to return on investments and, ultimately, international confidence to attract capital and new partnerships.

It is worth noting that this movement is already happening. The Industrial Confidence Index, calculated by the National Confederation of Industry (CNI), rose from 35 at the end of last year to 51.5 points in August 2016, while the Consumer Confidence Index, the Getulio Vargas Foundation (FGV) increased from 66.4 points to 79.3. The horizon is promising.

We must move forward with dialogue and a positive agenda to ensure economic stability and competitiveness of the Brazilian product.

It is essential that issues such as Brazilian Costs and implementation of policies that promote the competitiveness of the market may be established in order to increase the capacity of investments in this sector.

Finally, it is worth highlighting the efforts of consumer electronics manufacturers in an attempt not only to survive a very challenging year, but also to innovate and bring more efficient and sustainable solutions. Creativity is another essential tool for recovery.

Consumer demand profile is changing in Brazil and the world, and it is essential that companies remain current if they want to be able to meet this new customer, more informed and connected than ever. It is a matter of finding the balance to maintain investments that stimulate expansion.

The challenge is not easy, certainly. However, the industry will be able to face the difficulties, as have been doing in this the last 20-year history of this Association. So, after the hurricane comes the rainbow and we will have a lot to enjoy.

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